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A Tribute To Marilyn Manson (2002) review
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28-09-2008 10:23 AM A Tribute To Marilyn Manson (2002) re...
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Listening to A Tribute To Marilyn Manson, which is a compilation that came out in 2002 where a bunch of ebm bands did perdominantly awful Manson covers.

01. Apoptygma Berzerk - Coma White The instrumental aspect is pretty poor, but the vocals are good and the song gets a little better further in to it. Halfway decent.

02. Haujobb - Speed Of Pain Why do I hear Closer? Not a bad cover, but completely devoid of Alpha's emotion in the original. The song is supposed to emphasize Alpha's misery on earth and his disgust towards the "mechanical" human society, and how awful their utter numbness to emotion is and his feelings about Coma White. Where's the fucking emotion, Haujobb? Not totally butchered, but not good.

03. Razed in Black (with Shadow) - Cake And Sodomy Best applied when used to torture people to. After listening to their cover of Cake And Sodomy, I think Razed In Black should be legally disallowed to cover other bands' songs (with or without consent). I wonder if the vocalist is always that monotone, or if he was doing it special to further butcher the song (on top of the instrumental aspect of the song, which is awful and strange)? Awful crap.

04. Mindless Faith - I Don't Like The Drugs (Bipolar Mix) How is this in any way, shape or form a cover or remix of I Don't Like The Drugs? Extremely stupid.

05. Hate Dept. - The Reflecting God Lacks the sinister/apocalyptic feel of the original. When he tries to yell "when I'm God everyone DIES!" it is very anticlimactic. It almost made me giggle. (: The following lyrics are really pathetic. The vocalist doesn't know how to be loud. Not <i>too</i> bad, but poorly executed.

06. The Electric Hellfire Club - Get Your Gunn I'm increasingly disappointed at these electronic artists' inabilities to yell. I sure hope that they don't argue with their girlfriends(or boyfriends) with the same whisper-yell. I don't really think much of this one, but it's probably one of the least inventive thus far (which isn't a bad thing under the circumstances). Kind of funny.

07. Imperious Rex - Disposable Teens I like the way the riffs are sampled and almost bare at the beginning. I actually like this one. It almost sounds like a fusion of Danzig and a stereotypical singing black preacher, which is kind of cool. Pretty good.

08. Fred Coury - New Model No.15 It just sounds like it's the original song fused with a MIDI version with some annoying guy singing. He sounds like Weird Al (or one of the Beastie Boys), only his voice isn't as good. Butchered and kind of pathetic.

09. Dead Girls Corp - Man That You Fear I don't even want to comment on this one. Yuck.

10. Maya Hyena - Great Big White World It captures the same cold, sterilized, numb and mechanic sound of the original, and also makes it a bit heavier and distorted. I think the vocalist has the perfect voice for the song and the theme of it. She reminds me of Gitane DeMone a little. Very well done.

11. Doll Factory - Lunch Box This is the kind of song that would only sound good placed towards the end of an album with a sound predominantly similar to the Nox Arcana feel the intro has. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound good here. Not very good.

12. Aleister Einstein - The Beautiful People For a good remix of the Beautiful People, check out "The Horrible People" on Remix & Repent.

13. Pure Drama - Mechanical Animals A perfect last track, and beautiful vocals. It's a very quiet track, which is fitting. Good cover.

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