Thread subject: Explore Your Brain :: Marvin's Magic: 110 Amazing Magic Tricks With Everyday Objects

Posted by Noctis on 05-05-2009 23:27

You will have 110 superb magic tricks, most of wich can be performed with simple everyday objects.Once learned, you will be able to mystify and entertain no matter where you are.Read and follow the illustrated
instructions carefully and regularly pracite and rehearse the tricks until you feel completly confident.

Here are just some of trick you will find in this eBook:

Coin in the glass
Anti-Gravity cards
Homing Coins
Red or Black?
Sweet and sour
Pencil Vanish
and much more?

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Posted by kuchiki on 06-05-2009 16:32

gw udh coBa be2rapa...
tapi blm ada yang berhaasiiil...:lol
tetap smangAaaaT...
:?gi2? :?gi2?

Posted by dhevganx on 06-05-2009 16:45

belajar ini limbad bisa kalah nih... :hah2: