Thread subject: Explore Your Brain :: Cradle of Filth - Heavy Left-Handed and Candid 2001 DVDRIP

Posted by EVA-00 on 24-10-2009 05:07

1. Lord Abortion
2. Ebony Dressed for Sunset
3. Forest Whispers My Name
4. Cthulu Dawn
5. Dusk and Her Embrace
6. The Principle of Evil Made Flesh
7. Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids
8. Her Ghost in the Fog
9. Summer Dying Fast
10. From the Cradle to Enslave
11. Queen of Winter, Throned

Click here for download Cradle of Filth - Heavy Left-Handed and Candid 2001 DVDRIP

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Posted by Noctis on 25-10-2009 11:54

gokil niy aksi stuntman cewenya...
serem euy pas diputer2 diatas pake tambang...:?adem?

Posted by EVA-00 on 26-10-2009 15:56

@noctis -> kebalik sob, cwe yg di puter pake tambang itu live yg ini.

Posted by surabi on 01-11-2009 18:29

lapor pa...
ga bisa di dodod
cuma ad perintah..

Maaf boZ :) Lapor ke forum

jadi bingung


Posted by Noctis on 01-11-2009 18:39

server maintenance...:?mad?

Posted by surabi on 01-11-2009 19:18

server maintenance...1@#$%^&*

jd ga bisa dodod dong
pa ga da link yang laen nih pa???


Posted by EVA-00 on 03-11-2009 16:29

nanti kl server uploadnya dah bisa gw upload ulang bro. sabar ya. nanti kl udah gw kabarin Ok. :victory:

Posted by dany field on 16-11-2009 09:50

klo udh d upload ulang, kbarin aq juga ya boss,,,,,,,,

Posted by Noctis on 17-11-2009 02:42

Link Is Fixed...

Posted by dany field on 17-11-2009 12:25

sma,,,,,,sblmnya aq jga gx bsa dodod,,,,,tpi pas aq installin idm bsa bro,,,,,,,,
d coba aj,,,,,,,,,heee,,,,,,blom psti ni,,,,,,,tpi nyta ny bsa,,,,,,,,,:gj