Thread subject: Explore Your Brain :: Shortcut for C/C++

Posted by willamtarker on 04-12-2009 16:32

Shortcut for C/C++


* Ctrl+F - Find/Replace.
* Ctrl+K - Find next -> Be careful, it is not F3, like many other applications.
* Ctrl+L - Go to line -> Be careful, it is not Ctrl+G, like many other applications.
* Ctrl+Space - Code completion. For example, if you type “do” and press Ctrl+Space, the IDE will display code template for “do while” loop. Furthermore, you can display a list of class member by pressing Ctrl+Space too. Normally, they are displayed when you type “.”, “->” or “::” after a member class variable. In some cases, you may need Ctrl+Space, for example when you move to another line and then come back to the previous line.
* Ctrl+Shift+Up and Ctrl+Shift+Down - Go to the next or previous methods and/or functions.


* Ctrl+F6 - Navigate to the next file editor. This is always useful shortcut, especially when you are working with several files at the same time.
* Ctrl+F7 - Navigate to the next view, for example you can switch from the file editor to file tree view.
* Ctrl+F8 - Navigate to the next perspective, for example you can switch from the Symbian perspective to the Debug perspective.

Building and Running

* Ctrl+B - Build the current project.
* F11 - Debug the current project.
* Ctrl+F11 - Run the current project.
* Ctrl+. and Ctrl., - Go to the next and previous annotation. You may find this useful when you have several error messages from the compiler. You can use these shortcuts to walk through the list of error messages.


* Ctrl+Shift+B - Toggle breakpoint. Note that by default, you can only use this shortcut in the Debug perspective. To enable this in C/C++ perspective, do Window -> Customize perspective -> Commands -> Breakpoints.
* F5 - Step Into.
* F6 - Step Over.
* F8 - Resume.
* Ctrl+R - Run to line.
Hope this will helpful to you...