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Posted by ayam-kalkun on 31-01-2010 22:07

WinRAR - What's new in the latest version

Version 3.91

1. This version can decompress 7-Zip archives created with
LZMA2 algorithm.

2. Now a password is requested only once when unpacking 7z archives
with encrypted file names from context menu. WinRAR 3.90 asked it

3. This version can unpack tar.bz2 archives consisting of several
smaller bz2 streams merged together. Previous versions unpacked
only the first nested bz2 stream in such composite archive.

4. WinRAR displays CRC32 of files inside of usual .gz (not .tar.gz)
archives. Previous versions left this field blank for GZIP files.

5. Bugs fixed:

a) WinRAR 3.90 displayed "Save" button instead of "Open" or "OK"
in "Find archive" dialog ("Open archive" command in "File" menu
and "Browse..." command in archiving dialog);

b) WinRAR could display incorrect file names when browsing malformed
ZIP archives;

c) WinRAR 3.90 failed to decompress LZH archives created with
"-lh7-" algorithm;

d) WinRAR 3.90 could fail to delete a part of files after archiving
if delete to Recycle Bin was enabled. This bug was present
when working in Windows XP, but not in Windows Vista and Windows 7;

e) when unpacking ISO file using WinRAR "Extract files..." command
in Explorer context menu, WinRAR could unpack same archived files
twice during the same operation. It displayed the overwrite prompt
when unpacking files for the second time;

f) hexadecimal search in WinRAR 3.90 "Find" command and console RAR
"ih" command failed to find matches if first byte in search string
was greater than 127.

..::Download Here::.. (3.91)
..::Download Here::.. (3.92)

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Posted by alpheen on 01-02-2010 01:36

ijin d0nlud~

Posted by AllyGateOr on 01-02-2010 03:55

berhasil disedot gan..

Posted by kuro on 04-02-2010 17:14

srooottttt... (lg di sedot):?geek?

Posted by ayam-kalkun on 11-03-2010 23:24

Update WinRAR 3.92 sorry belom sempet test ...soalnya pake linux.. bagi yang udah nyoba mohon review buat saftwarenya .
kalo keygen ato crack *.reg nya gak berhasil silahkan di delete aja ...

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Posted by budimansyah on 02-06-2010 04:32

izin download mas, saya lagi pusing karena komputer saya lagi terserang virus almanae b, banyak file yang rusak dibuatnya, sampai saat ini belum bisa saya perbaiki, mohon pencerahannya ya mas:hlp

Posted by andie on 27-10-2010 08:08

ijin sedot lagi bozz

Posted by bad_samt on 02-11-2010 18:52

Dicoba...... dlu n thx bro....


Posted by nana7 on 12-02-2011 04:58

tq bro

Posted by charter on 12-03-2011 03:11

ijin sedot sop....

Posted by oki on 12-03-2011 04:19

yang versi 4.00 udah keluar kok...
download aja di sini
untuk crack-nya,pake aja yang untuk versi 3.xx bisa kok, udah ana coba dan berhasil

Posted by awad alkatiri on 05-05-2011 03:30

:?cay? kereeeeeeen