Thread subject: Explore Your Brain :: Anti Valentine by Soldiers of Allah crew

Posted by ysufv on 23-02-2010 01:32

Soldier of Allah (Indonesian Hacker) has make a event for this valentine's day in this year, they has been defaced more than 100 website and give a message that "If you are a moslem, please dont celebrate valentines day"

and this is for website was attacked by them

Posted by EVA-00 on 24-02-2010 07:28

Cuma mau pesen aja untuk "Indonesia Defacer" : Keep explore your brain & Stay Away From Spotlight yaw...

Posted by ysufv on 28-02-2010 00:56

Iya nih.. makin najem aja show offnya para defacer :D di selalu uptodate korban2nya

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Posted by rawasquad on 13-03-2010 04:43

wedew....jadi pengen belajar lebih !