Thread subject: Explore Your Brain :: VA-The Classic Vs Modern Cover Collection (2010)

Posted by Noctis on 07-04-2010 03:14

01. Pierce The Veil - Beat It (Michael Jackson Cover)
02. A Smile From The Trenches - Bad Romance (Lady Gaga Cover)
03. August Burns Red - Linoleum (NOFX Cover)
04. Sea of Treachery - Misery Business (Paramore Cover)
05. A Static Lullaby - Let Go (Frou Frou Cover)
06. Of Salt & Swine - Don't Trust Me (3OH!3 Cover)
07. Breathe Carolina - With or Without you (U2 Cover)
08. Amely - The Climb (Miley Cyrus Cover)
09. In Fear And Faith - Gangsta's Paradise (Coolio Cover)
10. A Midsky Surrender - Kiss Me Thru The Phone (Soulja Boy Cover)
11. The Cab - I Want To Break Free (Queen Cover)
12. Swing The Coast - Waking Up in Vegas (Katy Perry Cover)
13. The Maine - Pour Some Sugar On Me (Def Leppard Cover)
14. Sum 41 - How You Remind Me (Live Nickelback Cover)
15. Saosin - Time After Time (Acoustic Cyndi Lauper Cover)
16. I Hate My Ex - You Belong With Me (Taylor Swift Cover)

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Posted by cixx on 07-04-2010 21:38

pierce the veil w pling ska mantabh :mha

Posted by Noctis on 08-04-2010 12:41

A Static Lullaby is THE BEST...
karna dah bkin cover yg mantab dri lagu favorit gw spanjang masa "Let Go nya Frou2"...:D

Posted by maradona on 09-04-2010 06:00

oke referensi musik baru nih,, makasih yah..

Posted by hbjadoll on 24-05-2010 16:27

sedot gan :?bub?

Posted by ayam-kalkun on 24-05-2010 22:48

gile jadi ngescream banget lagunya paramore - misery bussines cool :D

Posted by alpheen on 27-05-2010 17:43

wah, teernyata bad romance lagu lama ya?
ga teu aku~

jadi pengen donlud~
ijin 0m~

Posted by rootenhell on 10-06-2010 23:26

gan file server di masih maintenance ya??
pengen donlot nih,,, :?plz?:?plz?:?plz?

Posted by emo_scremo on 13-09-2010 01:59

gan, dah forbidden tuh link...
bs dupload ulang ga ???
lo bs di IDWS aja....

Posted by RedLight on 13-09-2010 04:54

kl mau download pake link ini aja bro dah gw re-upload

Posted by rzqymk on 13-09-2010 06:19

mantab, thankyu bro

Posted by guh adjah on 18-11-2010 04:41

sedotz lagi bozz....:?clp?
keren" nih lagunya..