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News / Events
- Timeline of Virtual Sit-ins / Electronic Civil Disobedience Actions
- Free Jeremy
- Hacklabs in the USA
- Remaining nine of the Sagada 11 Released from Prision

Talking Tech
- A Small Study on Covert Channels
- Getting Started with Linux Kernel Modules
- Results of The Hackmeeting 'capture the flag' Competition
- The PE File Format and Its Dark Side

Theory and Action
- Capitalist Monsters, RFID & Internet Tubes, an Interview with Annalee Newitz
- Hacking Freight Trans: Adventure from SF to NYC for HOPE6
- Intro to The FreeShit Project
- Technologically Enhanced Activism (T.E.A)

Hacker Defense Bulletin
- Boycott the EMI - Mirror SGT Petsounds! - Drop the Lawsuit!
- rm All Snitchs Before they get you!

- HackThisSite Collective Organizing Guide
- Creditz & Thankz


Lets Smash Windows!

A note from HB staff: This issue is coming out really late. It has been a busy year for all of us, and some of the articles, news, and technology in this issue are way out of date. We decided to go forward and release it anyway becasue it was a half finished issue and we wanted to get it out even if it is really old.

Political Articles: Views and Opinionated Articles
- On the Necessity of Direct Action (by Nomenumbra)
- Hacking Freight Trains Part 2 (by Haifleisch)
- Berkeley Tree Sit (by frenzy)
- SF Community Colo Project (by ryan)
- Callout for electronic action at the DNC & RNC (by hackbloc)
- 39 Lashes a poem (by Ardeo)
- RNC Comms Analysis (by CGB)

Hacking / Technology: Articles for Digital Resistance
- Cryptographic Education for the Militant Activist Part 1 (by Nomenumbra)
- Crabgrass: A Social Network for the Rest of Us (by Flatline)
- The PE File format and its Darkside Part 2 (by Nomenumbra)
- Full Disk Encryption Attacks (by hackbloc)
- All Your Face(book) Are Belong To Us (by flatline)
- Communications Systems and Technology (by Impact)
- Anonymity with Wireless Networking (by Impact)


- hackers, crackers, artists & anarchists - hackbloc
- support hairball against unjust felony charges - hacker defense network
- fighting the commercialization of the internet - internet liberation front
- pirate radio and the dreaded FCC - evildeshi
- declaration of the independence of cyberspace - john barlow of the EFF
- uk indymedia interview - hackers defending open publishing systems
- misadventures of irish hackers - C

- the art of writing a web worm in php - world cant wait
- writing a php fuzzer to self-discover web vulnerabilities
- arp poisoning darkangel
- ars viralis : the viral art - nomenumbra
- proxy chaining outthere
- tunnelling and tor kuroishi
- anatomy of a phone number - br0kenkeychain

- dismantling the copyright industry
- black and white chicago 2600 -
- graffiti and counter-culture the wooster collective



Hack This Zine 1 - 13 via Mediafire


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lumayan buat baca-baca diwaktu libur yang panjang ini~

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godownload wrote:
ga bisa di dunlud:?cry2

Use link IDWS

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Mau nambahin gan mudah2an bermafaat buat semua .... Kumpulan E-book dari dari edisi 1 sampe yang terakhir posting ( sampe ane cek baru nyampe edisi 10.5 )


*to:admin, kl yg di mari salah tempat di hapus aja gpp kok ... maaf belum sempet ngasih screenshot nya .... :sorry

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Gak bisa di doqnload om.
IDWS juga gak bisa.
google nya ups! ups! terus.a)r