Thread subject: Explore Your Brain :: Children of Bodom-Halo of Blood (Japanese Limited Edition 2013)

Posted by Noctis on 05-06-2013 02:33

New album 2013
Quality: VBR Scene
Size: 103MB

Track List:
1. Waste of Skin
2. Halo of Blood
3. Scream for Silence
4. Transference
5. Bodom Blue Moon (The Second Coming)
6. The Days Are Numbered
7. Dead Manís Hand On You
8. Damage Beyond Repair
9. All Twisted
10. One Bottle and a Knee Deep
11. Crazy Nights (Japan Bonus Track)
12. Sleeping In My Car (Japan Bonus Track)

Click Here For Download

Posted by verix on 07-06-2013 19:46

maaf bagaimana caranya donlot di putloker ya?? saya gak pernah bisa... :?wat?

Posted by gedebean on 10-06-2013 18:44

guampang masbro klik "continue as free user", tunggu bntar bis tu klik "download file" yg isi icon disket, kelar dah:?hula?

Posted by ocy on 15-06-2013 17:50

Admin izin nyedot ya .....
Next to song .....:?hue?:?gi2?