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Telunas Beach Rustic Resort

Telunas Beach on Sugi Island has become the highest rated resort in KEPRI on Trip Advisor with our simple outdoor concept, focus on exceptional guest and group experiences, and passion for community development.

Guest Services Guide

Work with our team to create unforgettable experiences for guests and groups from the moment of arrival till they depart our simple island resort.

1. Preparation: Understanding each guest or group, communicating, purchasing, and preparing necessary logistics in advance of arrival
2. Hosting: providing personal concierge services to the guests from immigration and arrival through departure and follow-up correspondence (includes meal hosting, activities hosting, games hosting, community development projects, etc.)
3. Guiding: becoming our guests window into Indonesia and the Malay culture of the surrounding islands during day-trips and overnight stays in local villages
4. Projects: assisting and leading short and long-term projects to help facilitate and improve the guest experience

Job Requirements
1) D-3 or S-1 in English, Communication, and/or Hospitality.
2) Excellent oral communicator with at least 1-2 years experiences communicating with foreigners in English (opportunity for fresh graduates)
3) Language: fluent in English & Bahasa Indonesia
4) Computer skills: Google Apps, MS/Open Office suites, learning new interfaces
5) Enjoys adventure, the outdoors, and exercise
6) Outgoing personality and enjoys interacting with people of different cultures
7) Must be able to work with others
8) Passionate about glorifying God through serving guests and fellow staff team members, empowering local employees, and using role to facilitate development of remote island villages
9) Always learning

Please send complete resume/CV, application letter, photo, and contact number to the address below.

PT. Island Connections International
Jalan Anggrek Luar #23
Baloi Persero
Batam Kep. Riau 29442
Page from

For XYBers who seek for job and challenge :)

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Posted by blank on 20-12-2013 03:38

beuhh menarik siih,
duh tapi jauuhh masbroo.. :?swm?

Posted by badonx on 20-12-2013 05:10

Haish, namanya juga resort masbro, klo ditengah kota ya ga laku :p p):

Btw, jangan sungkan2 kalo mau liburan juga :D

:?div? renang ma ikan juga bisa :?gi2?

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Posted by badonx on 17-01-2014 16:36

Agan2 ni kusundul dulu yach :) Thank You very much :)


Posted by syah_trial on 18-01-2014 13:15

wah batam :D

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Kenapa emangnya kalo batam bro :?wat?

Posted by badonx on 30-01-2014 21:45

Masi open, silahkan klo mau coba :)


Posted by anakdesa on 09-02-2014 17:27

bantu sundul gan....... :D

Posted by badonx on 11-02-2014 05:16

:thx bos, daftar juga bos? :)

Posted by anakdesa on 15-02-2014 01:51

badonx wrote:
:thx bos, daftar juga bos? :)

i'm not good in english bro, kalo bahasa sunda gw bs wkkwkwk..

Posted by badonx on 21-02-2014 23:26

ada tambahan lowongan untuk:

1. CEE
2. Reservation
3. Chef
4. Therapist/Masseur (Ahli Pijat)

Untuk Info selengkapnya
Chhers :?cay?

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Sundul ya bos, ini masi open, sapa tau masi ada yang tertarik :)

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Info: untuk yang klik link UPDATE memang sudah ditutup disitu... Tapi bsa langsung kirim via email aja...

Gud Luck :gj