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Supporting and Troubleshooting OS X Lion
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20-11-2011 11:56 PM Supporting and Troubleshooting OS X Lion | Edited by ayam-kalkun 21-11-2011 12:01 AM
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The only Apple-certified book on OS X Lion, this revised best-seller will take you deep inside the latest big-cat operating system—covering everything from installation and configuration, customizing the operating system, supporting applications, setting up peripherals, and more. Whether you're a support technician or simply an ardent Mac user, you'll quickly learn and master the new features in OS X Lion.

Following the learning objectives of the Apple Certified Support Professional exam, this self-paced book is a perfect guide for Apple’s training and a first-rate primer for computer support personnel who need to troubleshoot and optimize OS X Lion as part of their jobs. Chapter review sections and quizzes summarize and reinforce acquired knowledge.

The Apple Pro Training Series serves as both a self-paced learning tool and the official curriculum for OS X Lion and OS X Lion Server certification programs.

Barangsiapa mengajarkan ilmu, maka baginya pahala seperti orang yang mengamalkan ilmu nya dan tidak akan mengurangi pahala orang yang melakukan amal tersebut.
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