Thread subject: Explore Your Brain :: APPLE MAC PRO SERVICE & REPAIR MANUAL (PDF)

Posted by AppleAddict on 18-10-2009 22:44

Mac Pro
Overview 6
Serial Number Location 7
Take Apart
General Information 9
Opening the Computer 10
Hard Drives 12
Optical Drive Carrier and Optical Drives 15
Memory (FB-DIMMs) and Memory Riser Cards 19
PCI Express/Graphics Card 23
Power Supply 29
Power Supply Fan 38
AirPort Extreme Card 47
Bluetooth Card 50
Battery 52
Processor Heatsink Cover 54
Front Fan Assembly 59
Processor Heatsinks 62
Memory Cage with Rear Fan 67
Processors 70
Speaker Assembly 76
USB Cable 80
Logic Board 83
Front Panel Board 92
Power Button 97
AirPort Antenna Board with Cables 102
Optical Drive Power Cable 106
Optical Drive Data (Ribbon) Cable 109
Ambient Board 112
Ambient Board Cable 114
Bluetooth Antenna Board and Cable 116
Hard Drive Cable Harness 119
Hard Drive Temperature Sensor Cable 122
Hard Drive Temperature Sensor 125
Power Cable Harness 128
General Information 132
Memory 132
PCI Express Cards 133
Internal Cabling Matrix 133
Thermal Calibration 135
Block Diagram 136
Resetting the Logic Board 137
Power-On Self Test: RAM and Processor Verification 138
Diagnostic LEDs 139
Power Supply Verification 144
Symptom Charts 145
How to Use the Symptom Charts 145
Startup Failures 145
Fans 148
Other Failures 149
AirPort Extreme Card 153
Bluetooth Card 156
PCI Express/Graphics Card 158
Exploded View 163
External Views 165
Screw Matrix 167

Your MAC needs REPAIR or MAINTENCE? Why replace when you can upgrade or repair? This Service & Repair manual is used by REAL Tehnicians.

This repair manual contain essential informations
on Take a part (including schematics, exploded
diagrams, dismantle process, installation and
uninstall) and Troubleshooting process.

Posted by substance on 15-02-2010 19:06

KK aku mohon bantuanny donk ad yg punya software office versi apa aja d asal bisa download gratis,...terus klu ad coreldraw jg mau kk

mohon bantuanny ya kk:?hue?

Posted by substance on 15-02-2010 19:27

oy buat di mac ya kk

terimakasih sblmny ya kk:?wat?