Thread subject: Explore Your Brain :: My Chemical Romance-Conventional Weapons (New Single 2012)

Posted by Noctis on 27-10-2012 05:23

New Single 2012...

Number One

A-Side: Boy Division
B-Side: Tomorrow's Money

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Posted by reidza on 27-10-2012 20:00

izin unduh bos:?doa?

Posted by chdrchdr on 29-10-2012 15:01

mantap kaka
izin unduh ya?:D

Posted by arddhedee on 29-10-2012 23:03

ada linki yg sharebeast ga bos? di kantor diblock nih :D

Posted by dvedsuz3 on 30-10-2012 02:22

izin sedot gan thnks lagunya:?snx?

Posted by klow on 02-11-2012 04:20

izin sedot gan....n thaks udah di share gan:?cek2?

Posted by ache on 02-11-2012 16:12

gan passnya apa error terus nih

Posted by Noctis on 02-11-2012 16:51

ache wrote:
gan passnya apa error terus nih

pass udah jelas kya gt msh nanya...
udah gw coba ga ada yg error...!

Posted by Noctis on 19-11-2012 06:06

Number Two

B-Side: Gun

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Posted by reidza on 21-11-2012 08:25

izin sedot gan :?hue?

Posted by dwp on 16-12-2012 05:41


1. The World Is Ugly
2. The Light Behind Your Eyes

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Posted by Noctis on 04-01-2013 13:08

Number Four

A-Side: Kiss The Ring
B-Side: Make Room

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Posted by Noctis on 02-02-2013 02:15

Number Five

A-Side: Surrender The Night
B-Side: Burn Bright

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