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Downloads: Software
Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker 3.17


Version 3 supports HP LightScribe direct labeling drives - your search for easy LightScribe software is over!
new! Print to multiple LightScribe drives simultaneously!
new! Now supports partial transparency for images, text backgrounds and PNG images with alpha layers.
Automatically align your printers with the Printer Alignment Wizard!
Now reads data or backup CDs and creates an instant summary!
Video DVD / Chapter support!
Import art from tons of stock graphics or your own photographs
Automatically import your music playlists such as iTunes or read the contents of your previously burnt CD into visually appealing arrangements. (Also reads MP3 CDs and data CDs and DVDs!)
Create curved and spiral text!
Easy wizards help create your CD/DVD/mini CD labels and CD jewel cases
Supports 99% of stock CD labels and CD jewel case templates!
Support for the new direct-to-CD printers!
Support for DVD cases
Supports Asian fonts!!!
Supports JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF, and more, including various digital camera RAW image formats.
License: O/S: Version:
Added: 16/11/2008 18:30 Downloads: 164 Download (5.43 MB)
Sony Sound Forge 9.0e

The Sound Forge 9 professional digital audio production suite includes everything you need to quickly get from raw audio to finished master. Use this suite to create and edit stereo and multichannel audio files with speed and precision. Efficiently analyze, record and edit audio, digitize and restore old recordings, model acoustic environments, design sound for multimedia, and master replication-ready CDs.’

The award-winning Sound Forge® digital audio editor includes a powerful set of audio processes, tools, and effects for manipulating audio. Sound Forge software allows you to edit, record, encode, and master nearly any form of digital audio including WAV, AIFF, MP3, and more. It includes over 40 real-time audio effects and processes with more than 200 presets and much more.

Includes Tools for Sound Design and Mastering
Stereo and Multichannel Recording
Precise Audio Editing
Pristine Sound Quality
Powerful Effects Processing
Dolby Digital AC-3 export

What’s new in version 9.0:
- Multichannel audio editing and recording.
- Updated Channel Converter for multichannel files.
- Updated Spectrum Analysis for multichannel files.
- Drag-and-drop mixing and pasting between channels.
- Hardware Meters window for monitoring hardware outputs and adjusting preview levels.
- Phase scope and mono-compatibility meter.
- You can now cut, paste, and delete data from individual channels of multichannel files.
- You can now update the cursor position and selection by double-clicking and editing the selection status boxes in data windows.
- Improved process and effects dialogs with selection, wet/dry mix, fade-in/out controls.
- Adjust data window selections/crossfades when process and effects dialogs are visible.
- Enhanced snapping.
- Enhanced color customization via Display Preferences.
- Enhanced keyboard customization.
- Updated marker and region ruler with selection snapping.
- Access to Sony Music Studios Internet Mastering (Help > Sony Music Studios Internet Mastering).
- Gracenote® MusicID™ technology for extracted audio from CDs.
License: O/S: Version:
Added: 10/11/2008 10:14 Downloads: 174 Download (71.13 MB)
Antivirus for Cellphones 2008 v2

License: O/S: Version:
Added: 10/11/2008 10:12 Downloads: 171 Download (12.42 MB)
The Ultimate Nokia phone collection [2008]

NOKIA Apps, Games, & Themes 2007 (Virtually All Nokias)


the java applacations and games will work on all java mobiles such as samsung and sony ericsson !

Blooover_v1. 00_full.jar
Eortologio_3. 1
MobiLuck-1.2. 04_cracked[ byVbmot]NO_ EXPIRE.jar
Web Cam Viewer.jar
Eortologio_3. 1

Access.NetFront. v3.2.S60. SymbianOS7. Cracked-PWNPDA. SIS
Adobe.PDF.Reader. v1.1.5.S60. SymbianOS8. sis
Advanced.Call. Manager.v2. 00
Agile Messenger3.12
and More....

Check detail in Here
License: O/S: Version:
Added: 10/11/2008 10:10 Downloads: 212 Download (37.89 MB)
K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 4.3.4

That new in 4.3.1:
- Updated Media Player Classic Homecinema to version 1.1.861
- Updated ffdshow to revision 2301
- ffdshow is now able to decode E-AC3 and Dolby TRUEHD audio. you must select ffdshow as AC3 decoder to be able to use that functionality.
- Updated DC-Bass Source to version 1.2.0
- Updated DIVX to version 6.8.5
- Updated x264VFW to revision 1016
- Added GraphStudio version
- Removed GraphEdit
- Minor changes
License: O/S: Version:
Added: 07/11/2008 12:43 Downloads: 251 Download (14.58 MB)
Miranda 0.7.12

Miranda IM is a multi protocol instant messenger client for Windows. Miranda IM uses very little memory and is extremely fast. It requires no installation and can be fitted on a single floppy disc. Its powerful plugin system makes Miranda IM very flexible. Only the most basic features are built in, but there are currently more than 350 free plugins available for download that allows users to extend the functionality of Miranda IM.

Available Protocols
* Jabber
* Yahoo
* Gadu-Gadu
* Tlen
* Netsend

Title: Miranda 0.7.12
Filename: miranda-im-v0.7.12-unicode.exe
File size: 1.47MB (1,541,636 bytes)
Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/XP64/Vista64
License: Open Source
Author: Miranda IM
License: O/S: Version:
Added: 07/11/2008 12:41 Downloads: 138 Download (1.47 MB)
Portable downloaded YouTube Videos can then be played back using your favorite media player

This super awesome Free YouTube Video Batch Downloader enables a user to download YouTube movies directly to a computer with a single click. It supports many different formats including mp4, wmv, mp4, avi, mpg, xvid, flv, mp3, ipod and zune. The downloaded YouTube Videos can then be played back using your favorite media player. The extracted installation requires 3.6MB of disk space. This is a must have application for all who love YouTube Videos.

License: O/S: Version:
Added: 07/11/2008 01:09 Downloads: 186 Download (2.75 MB)
Aplikasi Peringatan Sistem Dini (Early Warning System - EWS)

Aplikasi ini dibuat dan dikembangkan untuk mendistribusikan informasi gempabumi yang berpotensi tsunami hasil analisa dari Badan Meteorologi dan Geofisika kepada masyarakat luas. Dengan harapan, masyarakat bisa memperoleh informasi dengan cepat, dan melakukan tindakan-tindakan evakuasi ke tempat yang lebih aman dengan tenang.

Aplikasi yang dibuat berjalan pada komputer platform operating system Windows. Syaratnya komputer tersebut terkoneksi dengan internet, karena setiap informasi terbaru akan terkirim secara otomatis melalui media internet dengan menggunakan jaringan IIX. Jika pada jaringan anda diperbolehkan menggunakan Yahoo Messenger, maka secara otomatis aplikasi ini juga bisa berjalan pada jaringan anda. Karena pada dasarnya port yang digunakan adalah sama dengan yang digunakan oleh aplikasi Yahoo messsenger.

Langkah instalasi Windows

* Download file bmg.exe
* Download file alert.wav
* Download file tsunami.wav
* Letakkan ke tiga file tersebut pada satu folder
* Tekan file bmg.exe
* Langkah terakhir adalah menekan menu connect
* Setiap informasi terbaru yang masuk akan disertai oleh suara sirine/alarm, disarankan untuk menambah speaker pada komputer.

Langkah instalasi Linux

* Download file
* Ekstraks file tersebut dalam satu folder
* Tekan file bmg
* Langkah terakhir adalah menekan menu connect

License: O/S: Version:
Added: 07/11/2008 01:07 Downloads: 208 Download (1.3 MB)

Program ini diperuntukkan untuk siswa sekolah atau masyarakat umum yang ingin mempelajari lebih mendalam mengenai Peribahasa Indonesia. Program ini berisi lebih dari 3500 Peribahasa yang diambil dari beberapa buku pelajaran mengenai Peribahasa Indonesia.
License: O/S: Version:
Added: 07/11/2008 01:06 Downloads: 435 Download (691KB)

Program ini digunakan untuk membantu siswa menentukan nilai dari sebuah resistor dilengkapi juga dengan cara penghitungannya
License: O/S: Version:
Added: 07/11/2008 01:05 Downloads: 221 Download (279KB)

Periksa Kata adalah program untuk memeriksa kesalahan kata dalam suatu dokumen. Kami membuat program ini untuk membantu para murid, guru, mahasiswa yang sedang skripsi atau siapa saja yang sering melakukan pengetikan dokumen dalam bahasa Indonesia.
License: O/S: Version:
Added: 07/11/2008 01:04 Downloads: 479 Download (461KB)
Listening Ujian Nasional 2006/5/4 - Freeware

Program yang dikonversi dari kaset soal Ujian Nasional tahun 2006/2005/2004, ke dalam CD. Anda bisa latihan soal listening dan setelah selesai dapat melihat langsung nilainya.
License: O/S: Version:
Added: 07/11/2008 01:03 Downloads: 195 Download (4MB)
Totally Free Burner - Portable CD DVD ISO Burner

Totally Free Burner is a Free application that allows it's user to Burn Audio, Video or Data CDs or DVDs quickly and easily. With Totally Free Burner, a user can create an Audio CD using mp3, wma, ogg and wav files, create a VideoCD from Mpeg1 VCD files, create a Data CD/DVD ISO9960 and Joliet (Multisession), create a Data CD/DVD UDF, create a Video DVD from existing DVD files and create a CD/DVD from BIN/ISO image directly. The application is both powerful and simple to use and most importantly, Totally Free Burner can be easily converted into a portable application.
License: O/S: Version:
Added: 06/11/2008 22:57 Downloads: 126 Download (1.32 MB)
File Anti Copy v3.5

File Anti-Copy is a anti-copy security utility working at the Windows kernel level
Without your password, nobody can copy your files away. This guarantees the program will never lose your data.

File Anti-Copy is an Easy To Use security software. First run FileAntiCopy.exe and login. Default username is “admin”, password is “admin”. After login you will see the main form.
You can setup File Anti-Copy here. We suggest you choose the “Autostart Anti-Copy” that will protect your files and data more powerful. And you can set the status of File Anti-Copy here or change the login username and password.
When you want to copy files, just log in File Anti-Copy and set the status “Inactive” and click OK.
License: O/S: Version:
Added: 01/11/2008 07:38 Downloads: 311 Download (838 KB)
Freegate 6.77

Freegate is an anti-censorship software for secure and fast Internet access. It was developed and maintained by Dynamic Internet Technology Inc. (DIT), a pioneer in censorship-circumvention operation.

* users access web sites overseas as fast as their local ones.
* requires no installation or change in system setting.
* a single executable file on a Windows platform.

Freegate works by tapping into an anti-censorship backbone, DynaWeb, DITs P2P-like proxy network system.

Freegates anti-censorship capability is further enhanced by a new, unique encryption and compression algorithm in the versions of 6.33 and above.
License: O/S: Version:
Added: 01/11/2008 07:37 Downloads: 137 Download (146 KB)
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