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Adobe Photoshop CS3 AĖZ

Find solutions quickly with Adobe Photoshop CS3 A-Z: Tools and Features Illustrated Ready Reference, an accessible encyclopedic guide. Conveniently organized in a clear A-Z format, this illustrated reference covers every action you are likely to make as a photographer.

You'll never want it far from your side while you work with Photoshop. The book covers all of Photoshop's mass of tools concisely in an intuitive, colorful layout, and a new section shows you fast solutions for everyday editing tasks. You'll also find some step-by-step tutorials that will help illustrate how to conquer key tasks and techniques.

Fully updated for CS3, Adobe Photoshop CS3 A-Z: Tools and Features Illustrated Ready Reference includes all versions of Photoshop. Shortcut keys specify which version of Photoshop is applicable. This visual resource is an ideal companion to other Photoshop books on your shelf, and includes an associate website that features matching video tutorials for each step-by-step tutorial. For Photoshop users at all levels Adobe Photoshop CS3 A-Z covers everything from the everyday to the hidden features you need in a pinch.
License: O/S: Version:
Added: 24/05/2009 15:45 Downloads: 963 Download (25 MB)
Cheat Sheat Nokia all code
a few cheat sheet tentang Nokia all code
License: O/S: Version:
Added: 24/05/2009 07:24 Downloads: 476 Download (120KB)
Hacking: The Art of Exploitation 2nd Edition

Hacking is the art of creative problem solving, whether that means finding an unconventional solution to a difficult problem or exploiting holes in sloppy programming. Many people call themselves hackers, but few have the strong technical foundation needed to really push the envelope.

Rather than merely showing how to run existing exploits, author Jon Erickson explains how arcane hacking techniques actually work. To share the art and science of hacking in a way that is accessible to everyone, Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition introduces the fundamentals of C programming from a hackerís perspective.

The included LiveCD provides a complete Linux programming and debugging environment-all without modifying your current operating system. Use it to follow along with the bookís examples as you fill gaps in your knowledge and explore hacking techniques on your own. Get your hands dirty debugging code, overflowing buffers, hijacking network communications, bypassing protections, exploiting cryptographic weaknesses, and perhaps even inventing new exploits. This book will teach you how to:

* Program computers using C, assembly language, and shell scripts
License: O/S: Version:
Added: 18/05/2009 09:56 Downloads: 886 Download (4MB)
Teknik Profesional Photoshop CS3

Berisi 129 teknik profesional mulai dari tingkat pemula hingga tingkat lanjut, materi disampaikan secara praktis, instan dan langsung kesasaran
License: O/S: Version:
Added: 18/05/2009 09:16 Downloads: 1521 Download (11 MB)
Hacking Exposed Windows: Microsoft Windows Security Secrets and Solutions,Third Edition

Meet the challenges of Windows security with the exclusive Hacking Exposed "attack-countermeasure" approach. Learn how real-world malicious hackers conduct reconnaissance of targets and then exploit common misconfigurations and software flaws on both clients and servers. See leading-edge exploitation techniques demonstrated, and learn how the latest countermeasures in Windows XP, Vista, and Server 2003/2008 can mitigate these attacks. Get practical advice based on the authors' and contributors' many years as security professionals hired to break into the world's largest IT infrastructures. Dramatically improve the security of Microsoft technology deployments of all sizes when you learn to:
License: O/S: Version:
Added: 13/05/2009 15:21 Downloads: 374 Download (4.9MB)
Hacking Exposed Linux,3rd Edition

This authoritative guide will help you secure your Linux network--whether you use Linux as a desktop OS, for Internet services, for telecommunications, or for wireless services. Completely rewritten the ISECOM way, Hacking Exposed Linux, Third Edition provides the most up-to-date coverage available from a large team of topic-focused experts. The book is based on the latest ISECOM security research and shows you, in full detail, how to lock out intruders and defend your Linux systems against catastrophic attacks.
License: O/S: Version:
Added: 13/05/2009 15:20 Downloads: 248 Download (5.6MB)
Photoshop CS4 for Dummies

This latest version of Photoshop has a few new tricks up its sleeve and Adobe Photoshop CS4 For Dummies will teach you how to use them. From the basics like getting your images into and out of Photoshop to enhancing, cropping, and color correction, itís all here!

Youíll get all of the basics of digital images and master the importing and exporting of images. Youíll find out how to create easy enhancements like adding shadows and highlights and making color natural, in addition to learning how to use the Adobe camera raw plug-in. Before you know it, youíll be making beautiful ďartĒ with Photoshop by combining images, precision edges, dressing up images, painting in Photoshop, and using filters. You can even streamline your work in Photoshop using advanced techniques.

Find out how to:
* Import images and use all the tools and processes
* Reduce digital noise, make colors look natural, add highlights and shadows
* Optimize images for print or the Web
* Edit images
* Explore the Painting function and master the daunting Brushes panel
* Add layer styles
* Create on-screen presentations, contact prints, and more

Complete with lists of ten reasons to love your Wacom tablet, ten reasons to own a digital camera, and ten favorite tips and tricks, Adobe CS4For Dummies is your one-stop guide to setting up, working with, and making the most of Photoshop CS4 for all your digital photography needs.
License: O/S: Version:
Added: 08/05/2009 10:58 Downloads: 567 Download (12 MB)
The Adobe Photoshop Layers Book

Create, correct, and control with layers, the most powerful tool in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements Imagine yourself in total control of every adjustment to your photos. Youve seen the illustrations in glossy magazines, the fine art reproductions in museum catalogs, the award-winning pictures of professional photographers. To produce this kind of magic, understanding how to use layers for your entire breadth of image correction is key.
License: O/S: Version:
Added: 08/05/2009 10:11 Downloads: 423 Download (30 MB)
The Photoshop Channels Book

One big advantage Photoshop professionals have always had was the understanding of channels. It was their secret weapon, and it enabled them to do things, and work in an entirely different way than their competitors, and maybe that's why the secret power of Photoshop's channels has been such a closely guarded secret. Until now.
License: O/S: Version:
Added: 08/05/2009 09:20 Downloads: 272 Download (43 MB)
Creating a Photomontage Using Photoshop

This collection of groundbreaking digital creations by well-known French artists is a visual smorgasbord for digital imaging professionals, graphic artists, photographers, and anyone involved in the creation of digital images or animations. But it's more than a full-color feast for the eyes.
License: O/S: Version:
Added: 08/05/2009 07:51 Downloads: 347 Download (52 MB)
Advanced Photoshop Elements for Digital Photoshop

Philip Andrews shares his in-depth knowledge of Elements in this advanced guide
ensuring that you can achieve optimum results from this powerful package. Once
youíve mastered the basics of Photoshop Elements, this is the book to further
develop your skills to get professional results!

License: O/S: Version:
Added: 08/05/2009 05:11 Downloads: 240 Download (32 NB)
The Art of Photoshop for Digital Photographers

Experience the highly visual format of the Art of Photoshop: Digital Photography Workshop and learn how to take good source photos and transform them into display-quality digital works of art with visual effects used in Adobe Photoshop.
License: O/S: Version:
Added: 08/05/2009 04:06 Downloads: 433 Download (9 MB)
Photoshop for Comics Master Course

This book isnít meant to be a replacement guide to your Photoshop manual. In fact, this book presumes you have a basic working knowledge of the program. Itís recommended that you study at least the principle tools and functionality of the
software in the Photoshop manual. What this book does offers you is an advanced look at how to use Photoshop in a very specific way --in the creation of comic imagery.
License: O/S: Version:
Added: 06/05/2009 14:49 Downloads: 462 Download (18 MB)
Photoshop for Right-Brainers - The Art of Photo Manipulation

You're an artistic visionary, right? In your head you imagine clever image fixes, fanciful photo manipulations, and artworks of startling genius. But when it comes to bringing these visions to life on your computer -- well, that's the hard part. If this sounds familiar, then Photoshop wiz Al Ward's innovative and personal guide to the art of photo manipulation might just be the key to making your dreams come true.

Photoshop for Right-Brainers doesn't hamstring you with follow-the-leader, cookie-cutter techniques. Instead, the book explores the artistic creation process, demonstrating how Photoshop can open pathways for originality and keep you from getting stuck creatively. You'll start off doing real-world Photoshop work to get a firm grounding in the essential tools and techniques. Then you'll work through complex projects, honing your skills and learning how to translate even your wildest visions into reality. By the end you'll be able to generate mind-blowing photographic art of your own.

Inside you'll learn how to:
* Expertly blend multiple photographs into composites that are incredibly real
* Add sharpness and detail to any image
* Retouch a portrait like a pro: soften wrinkles, erase blemishes, whiten teeth, and more
* Create mind-boggling mirror effects
* Control reflections and highlights as you manipulate reflective surfaces like chrome and glass
* Turn any photograph into a line drawing or an oil painting
* Map patterns onto contoured surfaces for greater realism
* Subtly adjust colours to make them more vivid -- or replace them completely
* Prepare your artwork for display online or in printed contact sheets and picture packages
* And much more!
License: O/S: Version:
Added: 06/05/2009 13:44 Downloads: 452 Download (45 MB)
Extreme (street) Magic

Extreme Magic was written with one goal in mindĖto put you on the fast track to learning
powerful, visual street magic effects and stunts. The type of magic which, when performed
properly and under the right conditions, has the capacity to elicit gasps of amazement
from bewildered onlookers.
While experienced magicians will be able to modify and add these effects to their own
repertoires, this book strives to assume very little in the way of prior knowledge. It is
designed to take you step-by-step through the process of learning and performing street
magic for real people. Nothing in this book is technically demanding or beyond the reach
of the average person willing to put some time and practice into mastering the effects. You
can do it, even if youíve never performed or done magic before.
License: O/S: Version:
Added: 05/05/2009 23:24 Downloads: 455 Download (1,4 MB )
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