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[Announcement]Not Indonesians??Read This!!
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21-03-2009 11:43 AM [Announcement]Not Indonesians??Read T... | Edited by Noctis 21-03-2009 11:54 PM
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First of all we'd like to say thanks for coming to XYB.Ok basicly after long waited we decided to make "special forum" that we dedicated for any our friends out there that cannot speak/understand our language in this case indonesia or not indonesians.

Cause we know knowledge doesnt have boundries.The purpose making this forum is so that we can provide any feedback for all of your questions.

So if you have any problem about I.T,Software,Music etc to discuss or you want to share some files too just go to our forum and pick Can't Speak Indonesian? Post Here after that you can make new thread about things that you want to discuss or the things you like to ask.

And mostly we update our e-book,software,music video,and mp3 daily.Simple as it is rite?so what you waitin for?Cmon lets Explore Our Brains Grin

Oh not to forget to mention it the basic rules is please use English language nice and properly. Any other languages not allowed.

* I Don't Re-Upload Dead Links *
30-03-2009 07:04 AM RE: [Announcement]Not Indonesians??Read T...
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Understood.. Listen
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