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Stuffit Deluxe 2010
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18-10-2009 11:19 PM Stuffit Deluxe 2010
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Murid Akademi I

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Location: Jakarta

Anda Kesulitan Dalam Melakukan Compress / UnCompress File pada Apple Comp Anda? dengan Stuffit Deluxe 2010, Anda Dalam Melakukannya dengan Mudah.


Compress & Expand
NEW! iPhoto® and Aperture™ export plug-ins
NEW! Optimized WAV and MP3 compressors
NEW! Create Disk Images (DMG) directly from MagicMenu
Duplicate Folding = smaller archives
Expand segmented Zip and 7Zip archives
Patented 24-bit image compression
Compress JPEG photos up to 30%
Optimized PDF, TIFF, PNG, GIF and BMP compressors
Create StuffIt, Zip and TAR archives
Fully compatible with Windows® archives
Browse archives without expanding
Preview thumbnails of archived images
Add, delete, and change files in archives
Save searches with StuffIt Collections
Expand encrypted Zip archives
Expand 25+ compression formats!

NEW! StuffIt® Connect stores up to 2GB of files and creates invitations to share them
NEW! StuffIt SmartSend™ automatically chooses the best way to deliver your files
Built in FTP, email and MobileMeSM file transfers

Preview archives within Time Machine®
Backup directly to FTP, your MobileMeSM iDisk®, or to multiple CDs and DVDs
Restore files to original locations

Encrypt StuffIt and Zip files with strong 512-bit and AES 256-bit encryption
Built-in protection against data corruption

Look in archives with Quick Look plug-in
Multi-processor and multi-core enabled

Compress, secure, send.
StuffIt Deluxe is the easiest way to share large files online.

StuffIt incorporates the functionality of StuffIt Expander, DropStuff, DropZip, and DropTar into one convenient program. Create and access email attachments and downloads, protect data, transfer files.

Stuff, back up and expand anything.
StuffIt Deluxe gives you the power to shrink your photos, music and other documents without compromising quality. Freedom is yours with StuffIt—share and manage your files any way you want, any way you choose.

NEW! Easy file management—anytime, anywhere
Enjoy early access to StuffIt® Connect, a new kind of file transfer and storage service. Securely store up to 2 GB worth of files and share them via email invitations to download your files.

NEW! StuffIt® SmartSend
Take the guess work out of sending large files via email—simply select the files you want to send and choose "Stuff & Mail". Small files are automatically compressed and attached to a new email message, while larger items are uploaded to a secure website via StuffIt Connect, which allows you to download files from anywhere. Say goodbye to email bouncebacks.

NEW! Create Disk Images (DMG)
StuffIt Deluxe now creates disk image files (DMG) directly from MagicMenu. Simply select the files you want to add to a disk image, and choose 'Create Disk Image'.

NEW! Improved Compression
StuffIt Deluxe 2010's improved image compressor now compresses high-quality TIFF or PNG files, dramatically reducing the size of your images without compromising their visual quality.

NEW! Plug-in Support for Your Favorite Photo Applications
You can now access all the power of StuffIt directly from your favorite photo editing applications with included export plug-ins for iPhoto® and Aperture.™

Make Multi-Megapixel JPEGs Smaller
StuffIt's exclusive patent-pending technology compresses any JPEG image up to 30% without any loss of quality! Fit more of your photos on your hard disk, CDs, DVDs and in email.

Optimized Compressors
StuffIt's compressors are specifically targeted for maximum efficiency with MP3s, PDFs, iWork® files and Microsoft® Office documents, emails and presentations. Regain gigabytes of space.
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05-03-2010 11:51 PM RE: Stuffit Deluxe 2010
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Location: blacknet
Age: 33
jadi makin ketagihan mac ne//
thanks for share//
07-03-2010 07:19 AM RE: Stuffit Deluxe 2010
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Chunnin Senior

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Joined: 17.01.10
ni bwt OS tiger bisa ga ya bos??
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