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The Pretty Reckless-Going To Hell (Japanese Edition 2014)
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21-10-2013 03:12 AM The Pretty Reckless-Going To Hell (Ja... | Edited by Noctis 12-03-2014 06:01 AM
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New Album 2014
Quality: m4a
Size: 117MB

1. Follow Me Down
2. Going to Hell
3. Heaven Knows
4. House on a Hill
5. Sweet Things
6. Dear Sister
7. Absolution
8. Blame Me
9. Burn
10. Why'd You Bring a Shotgun to the Party
11. Fucked Up World
12. Waiting for a Friend
13. Kill Me
14. Going to Hell [Live Acoustic]
15. Sweet Things [Acoustic]
16. Only You

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